Cabins & Rates

We have five full housekeeping cabins located on the North side of Highway 11. With full housekeeping comes a full kitchen, shower, linens with blankets, and pillows, dish soap, dish towels & dish cloths, toaster, coffee maker, coffee filters, paper towels, and toilet paper. There is a television in each cabin with local networks off-air from Duluth Mn.

Satellite TV now available in all cabins!

Summertime Cabin Rates*

Cabin #1 has two bedrooms, with 1 double bed and 1 bunk bed. Cost of the cabin is $105 a night
Cabin #2 has four bedrooms, with 2 double beds and 2 bunk beds. Cost of the cabin is $200 a night

Cabin #3 has one bedroom, with 2 twin beds. Cost of the cabin is $70 a night

Cabin #4 has two bedrooms, with 1 double bed, 1 bunk bed, and a foldout futon/double. Also includes a chair and a footstool. Cost of the cabin is $120 a night
Cabin #5 has two bedrooms, with 1 double bed, 1 bunk bed, and a futon in the living room. Also includes air conditioning. Cost of the cabin is $120 a night







* Cabin rates are subject to change at our discretion.

Other Fees

There is a $30 fee for extra guests.

We charge $15.00 per dog during your stay to cover the necessary cleaning and disinfection for animals. All dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. Do not leave dogs alone in cabins. Owners are responsible for any damage incurred by their dog and cleaning up after them.

1. Dogs must always be on a leash or under your control.
2. Dogs must not be left alone in your cabin, unless protected by a portable kennel.
3. Dogs must not be tied to trees near your cabin or anywhere on the property to bark or frighten passers-by.
4. Dogs are not allowed on beds or furniture.
5. All dog litter must be cleaned up and disposed of properly.
6. If your dog is a “barker” we will kindly ask that you leave/him her behind.

Prices quoted are daily, not per person. Pre-spawn season fishing (March to May opener) is rated at the current daily rate, unless another amount is noted (no weekly rate available.) A 1-day deposit is required. Deposits are not refundable. Guests are responsible for full reservations made in advance. No refunds for early departures or for reductions in group size. Prices quoted do not include sales tax, which is rated at 9.5% of total cost. Changes may be made to this policy at any time at the discretion of the staff without advance notice.