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Christianson Group

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Christianson group were up after sturgeon! Although the bite wasn’t as fast as last week they all boated sturgeon! And check out the great walleye!!!!

Current river water temp is in the mid 60′s. Fall has definitely arrived with much cooler weather this week! We’ll be keeping an eye on the water temp, looking for mid 40′s
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Sears Group

Fishing Reports

unnamed (60)

This 63″ sturgeon was boated (and released) by the sears group this week!

Water levels are back to normal and sturgeon anglers have been doing great all this month so far! I’m waiting for more pics from Whiteheads group over the Holiday weekend, they boated quite a few!

Groups report walleye have been getting more active, especially in the evening!

Haven’t seen shiners yet but it’s getting close now!

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Fishing Reports


The Blawat group are back at it tagging this 48″ sturgeon a couple days ago! They report boating 8 other sturgeon as well!

There’s only a month left to tag your sturgeon and September is filling fast with sturgeon anglers! They’ve been chomping at the bit this summer for the water levels and the current to return to normal :)

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Fall is coming!

Fishing Reports

It’s almost September! We know how fast the summer flies by and have taken advantage of the summer months getting as many outdoor projects done as possible!

So now before we know it fall is coming!

September is the last month of the year you can tag your sturgeon and we are filling up fast! Especially now that the river has finally gone down!

October is also on it’s way! Big walleye! We’ll soon be on the look out for shiners in the river drawing the walleye to the Rainy!

If you haven’t made your October plans you’ll want to check with your group soon! Cabins 2,4, and 5 are available the last week of September up until the 4th of October. Then we don’t have an open cabin until the 21st when cabin 1 and 3 will be open until the 25th. The last week of the season has one opening, cabin 1. 800-433-6085 give us a call!

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Dam gates closing

Fishing Reports

We got word that gates at the dam are being closed! We can already see the difference in the river

I went by Birchdale yesterday so I stopped and checked the landing. I was pleased to see campers, boats, and the dock in the water!

Now that the water level is going down it will be much easier to fish the river! There’s only about a month and a half of Sturgeon season left!

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August already!

Fishing Reports

Water levels continue to go down, however the river is still higher than normal.

River reports are mixed. I spoke with some local anglers who have been fishing the river and doing well, while others still struggle with the fast current.

When we’ve been out most walleye and sturgeon we’ve boated have been on the smaller size.

Most have been using 1oz jigs. Crawlers work well in the summer, we usually use frozen shiners.

It’s hard to believe it’s already August!! Only about another month and we’ll be watching for shiners in the river!

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Checking in

Fishing Reports

The water level has been going down slowly, then a couple inches of rain the other night brought it up again slightly, but not to the levels a couple weeks ago :)

Anglers continue to fish the river, but the current is still moving rather quickly.

Water temps are cooler this summer (so far) than typical for this time of year. This will help fall water temps fall quicker ;)

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River is going down

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Had a great 4th of July weekend! We did our fishing on the Lake since the river current is still strong.

We fished 20′to 13′ and most in between. Biggest walleye was 22″, otherwise we kept busy with smaller walleye and some keepers. They were biting more on minnows vs crawlers.

The river is slowly going down which will slow the current. Debris has slowed a lot and the Lake had less debris as well.

Sturgeon season is officially open! They’ve been jumping quite a bit in the river too!


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4th of July

Fishing Reports

Have a great 4th of July!!!!


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River check in June?

Fishing Reports

Lake of the Woods Control Board reported the Rainy River has now rose to the highest its been in 85 years! We’ve seen what it’s been doing here, so today we headed east.


015 The  above photos were Vidas Landing

017Frontier Landing

018019Nelson Park/Birchdale

033And the end of the road for us, Loman.

Despite the high water fish have been biting!

Lake has had good reports and walleye have been biting right from our dock, as it hangs on for dear life! Just got to dodge a few trees ;)

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