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Fall continues

Fishing Reports



We’ve been enjoying the gorgeous fall weather, but a much needed cool down is in the forecast. Water temp had actually began to go back up, but is now on the down swing again :)

Anglers have been boating walleye size ranges are commonly about either 20-25″ or smaller ones in the 10-12″. With sizes 15-18″ less common.

No big numbers yet, but as we begin to come into November and weather begins to cool that will change.

As we seen spring come late it seems fall is late as well. One group who have stayed with us this same week for many years commented on how they don’t remember ever wearing shorts up here this late in the year :)

Fall fishing continues so if you’d like to get up here for one last open water trip before the snow flies give us a call! One of the best spots on the river is less than 1/4 mile from our dock!!

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Fishing Reports

Weather remains mild, walleye are biting, however we could use some colder, more wintry  weather, to see bigger numbers! Our groups continue to boat walleye in most days no more than a sweatshirt or light jacket.



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Fishing Reports

Gary boated this 27.75″ (8lb6oz) the other day, great catch Gary!

The boys said as the we got later in the week the bite was slowing. A beautiful week weather-wise did warm the water a bit.

Cooler weather is expected this weekend, but the gorgeous fall weather will be back next week. Seeing that we’re now over half way through October with no major signs of winter (yet) and the fall bite off to a slower start, walleye fishing may go well into November. Our hunters will be spoiled with the best of both worlds!

Current is mild, anglers have been using 3/8oz jigs.


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26.5″ (7.5 lbs)

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Catching their limits! Thanks for the pic Emil and Dana!! See you this weekend!

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Highlights from the Mataya Group last week! MicahThanks for the photos guys!






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Signs of shiners in the bay

Fishing Reports

Waiting on some new pics! Our groups last week did better as the week went on with the bite picking up Thursday.

New groups coming in yesterday already have a couple big walleye, one 26.5″ (7lbs 8oz) and a couple 25″.

River was churned up recently, but has been settling the last couple days which is probably why the bite has picked up.

Water temp went down to 48 degrees at last check. About 43 degrees is usually ideal for fall fishing.

We’ve been waiting for shiners to make it their way to the bay, and in the last day have seen our 1st signs of the run, with tons of small minnows at the dock. We want the larger run, of course, but these typically show up first.

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Fishing Reports


Water temp is down to about 49 degrees!

Anglers coming in tonight report doing very well. 18 inchers as well as 25″ have been the most common size.

3/8 jig and minnow. One group reported their best color a half pink~half gold jig.

Emil sent us a pic and quick report…….

“We caught a total of 40 walleyes in two days we fished. We had a great time.”

This was one of those catches out of Frontier landing! Bring on fall fishing!

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Fishing Reports



unnamed.jpg3The Dalbesio group sent us some photos from their trip to the Rainy last week. They were looking for walleye but the walleye bite was slow so they boated a couple large sturgeon in the process! 55 and 56″! Thanks for the photos!

Past couple days have been beautiful! Walleye bite is starting to pick up, but when it’s this nice out just being out on the water is a great day!

Speaking of great days, we heard an angler had a great day today boating her first big walleye out in front of the Sportsman! 32″! Would love to have a pic of that too! If that’s what’s heading our way I can’t wait!!!!!!



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Current water temp 58 degrees :)

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