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unnamed (24)

31 1/4″ (11.2lbs) Caught and released 4/11/14

Thanks for the pic!!!

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Vidas landing

Fishing Reports


There’s only about 2′ of shore ice left. Current was moving pretty good. River looked dirty still, lots of ice floating down the river, but not logs and trees at least!

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End of season

Fishing Reports

Sure was a crazy walleye season this year, from a crazy winter that still doesn’t want to let go! For those who hit the bite it was great as usual! Window was much smaller than we’re used to though!

The Little Fork is going down today, go figure ;)

Open water is clear past us and near the Royal Dutchman  now. Northern and small mouth bass are continuous year round on the Rainy River so we can still hit that open water!

And of course now we’re gearing up for those sturgeon! We outta see a lot of big fish in the next couple weeks! Sturgeon prespawn opener begins April 24 and runs through May 7th. We are currently full the first weekend and have one cabin available the 2nd weekend, sleeps 3. Otherwise mid-week we have a couple more openings. You can call us 800-433-6085 or email for reservations. The Bay is almost open so the dock will be available for sturgeon prespawn!

With a short Walleye prespawn we have some left over Prespawn t-shirts and sweatshirts we’ve put on clearance, check ‘em out! We have them on our Facebook page you can see them in the “Photos” and order them in the “Store” Sweatshirt are only $10 and T’s are $8, shipping included! Don’t miss out, the few we have left won’t last! If you need help ordering you can call the number mentioned above or email me at

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Brag Board, Fishing Reports




Henderson/Moberg crew out of frontier yesterday. A little, Slow but got some decent ones on number 9 Jiggin raps in 15-18′ of water near the ice pack.


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Brag Board, Fishing Reports

unnamed (22)

unnamed (21)

unnamed (23)

The Kirckof Group out of Birchdale today :) Thanks for the pics!

unnamed (20)

They also sent a photo of an angler fishing as he was floating on a sheet of ice near Manitou Rapids, I still can’t get over that one, lol!

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Fishing Reports

Vidas landing now has open water. There’s about 10 feet of shore ice to break off, but the landing is clear. Open water reaches west of Clementson now. The bay is beginning to open as well.

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Fishing Reports

Little Fork went up another foot, very close to breaking now. Until then anglers continue to make the most of the remainder of the season.

When the river gets dirty the walleye go shallow. I spoke with quite a few anglers tonight and the ones that were in the shallows did better.  Anglers 15+ feet didn’t do well at all. But when I say shallow, I mean shallow, along the shoreline. One group were pitching to as shallow as 3 feet to catch eyes.

One group said they were sitting right where there was a little inlet was coming into the river. They didn’t do well. Normally this is a good spot, however this time of year they’re full of run-off and the water coming out is pretty dirty.

So if your still up in the area the next 2 days try pitching to the shallows. Hopefully this will help. It started raining this afternoon, but tomorrow is expected to be nice. Cool but nice.

Thank you Rainy River anglers for sharing your day and words of advice/tips for other anglers :)

If your back from your trip and would like to share a photo, we love to see them. Send them to

and don’t forget to “like” us on our new Facebook page!

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Catches from yesterday and today, nice walleyes! Thanks for sending pics!!

The guys did say today tougher than yesterday.

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Brag Board, Fishing Reports

unnamed (19)

71″ / 29″ girth. Caught by Andy Fronek, netted by Tom Wrobel, guided by Patrick O’Kane.

Great catch!! Thanks for sharing!

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River conditions

Fishing Reports

The Little Fork rose another 2 feet over night. As long as it continues to rise the river will continue to get dirtier.
I completely hate to make reports like this,  the season has been short enough to begin with this year.
The walleye are still in there, they just get harder to bite. Let us know how today goes when you can and good luck

Good news is it isn’t raining or snowing and the temps are in the 40′s.

If any of you are traveling between Birchdale and Littlefork today could you keep your eyes open for 2 rods, both in cases?

They both blew out an anglers truck yesterday on his way home and hold sentimental value to the angler. If found please call 218-244-6277

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