Welcome to Clementson Resort!

Clementson Resort is a small, quiet fishing and hunting resort on the Rainy River, near Lake of the Woods in Northern Minnesota. We have five full housekeeping cabins. Pets are welcome, with some exceptions. We are the only resort in Clementson. We don’t offer any special amenities, and we do not have a bar, restaurant, or a lodge. We do offer clean cabins in a small quiet resort. Our resort has five 1-4 bedroom HSK cabins.
We are a family run business. Baudette is located 8 miles west, where you can find good dining and shopping. Lake of the Woods is a 20-minute drive away. We have docking in a protected bay (no private slips.) There is a public ramp one mile east with a concrete ramp. Frontier is located 10 miles east and Birchdale is 18 miles east, each giving you more options for your fishing area. Ice houses are available for rental during ice-out conditions. Ice houses are currently priced at $60 per day. Prices exclude pre-spawn and fall fishing rental rates. Spring rentals start when ice-out is at Clementson only. Our rates are per cabin, not per person, with the exceptions of the pre-spawn fishing season.


Fishing at Clementson Resort starts at first ice-out, as the Rainy River opens and gives exciting walleye fishing until season close at midnight. Jig and a minnow? Bring a camera!


May brings the exciting smallmouth bass through June and July; it’s the best kept secret on the Rainy River! Use slip-bobbers with night crawlers or leeches, or troll the bay with Rapalas or Beetle Spins. Smallmouth bass and northern nike are open all year on the river. Summer fishing is great for walleyes, northern pike, smallmouth bass, and sturgeon.


Walleye techniques are to fish the river deep. Since Lake of the Woods is a very popular fishery during the Summer months, this leaves our area of the river open and available for fishing in open waters. You can down-rig in the river or use deep-divers to catch good size walleyes. Northern pike are active all Summer long.


September starts the great Fall walleye fishing again, using jigs and minnows. Late September, October, and November is fantastic walleye fishing with many trophies caught and released! It’s common to catch 10-12 pound walleyes. September is also bear and grouse season; November is deer, duck, and goose hunting.